New or Transferred Prescriptions

Transferred Prescriptionstransfer any prescription from any pharamacy

We welcome your transferred prescriptions! It’s easy to transfer a prescription to Atlas Drug & Nutrition from ANY pharmacy within the United States.

When you contact us to transfer your prescription (please be sure that you provide your name and phone number the prescription name or number and the pharmacy name and phone number.

New Prescriptions

We accept new prescriptions online via a scanned copy or by e-mail to Please bring in the original prescription when you come in. Whether you choose to pick up your prescription in the pharmacy, have it delivered or shipped via FedEX, you no longer have to wait in the pharmacy.

For faster online service, if your inquiry is related to an existing order please call our toll-free phone number at 1-877-449-5990

Monday – Friday 9:30-8:30
Saturday 10-6