The HCG Diet:Tristate men and women what to know is the hormone safe and effective for weight loss?



By Bio-identical hormone specialist Anthony Ortiz RPH CCN

Diets come and go according to who’s writing the latest diet or lifestyle book. Palm Beach, Atkins, Zone, Pritikin, South Beach and Weight Watchers are all examples of methods of modifying food groups while adding a fat burning component like exercise to the diet. The HCG diet program primarily uses caloric restriction with a daily administration of HCG to achieve dramatic weight loss. The question is how safe and effective is it?

HCG(human choronic gonadotrophin) is produced by the human body in very small amounts but with pregnancy, the amounts dramatically increase. During pregnancy, levels almost double every couple of days and is used by the body to mobilize fat for the mother and fetus. The amount used in the diet is an extremely tiny amount compared with what is produced during pregnancy. For that reason, HCG is very, very safe without any side effects.

How does it work to lose fat?

Being a pregnancy hormone, when present it “tricks” your body into thinking you’re “pregnant”. When combined with a low caloric diet, it forces your body to utilize the stored nutrients within your body. HCG causes to hypothalamus area of the brain to trigger a release of abnormal deposit of fat in your body. Combined with the low calorie diet, fat stores begin to be utilized making for a precipitous weight lose. It’s not uncommon to lose 1-2 pounds per day. The theory behind HCG’s use in weight loss comes from Dr.A.T.W Simeons in the late 1950’s. He noticed a lack of symptoms one would expect from a patient on a very low calorie diet, specifically no headaches, hunger pains nor weakness as long as the diet was combined with HCG.

Does the food the patient eat matter while on the diet?

Not only the foods matter but also the quantity for food. Certain foods cause chemical reactions in the body. Interesting enough, eating lower amount of calories do not speed weight lose. Smaller amounts actually stop the fat releasing mechanism. When Dr. Simeons, for example added mushrooms, even they had the same or fewer calories, fat releasing was stopped. For the diet to work, the patient must follow the diet protocol to the letter. Dr.Simeons protocol consists of “phases” that combine with HCG, ultimately will trigger the release of 2000 stored fat calories as available food for your body.

The HCG diet targets FAT and muscle and you’ll lose weight without the hunger associated with dieting. Most people do not experience any loss of muscle since protein is consumed while on the diet. Consuming enough water and fluids is an important part of the protocol. You can have all the tea and water you want through out the day.

Dosage of HCG

The dosage used is only 150 units, versus the dose of 10,000 units used to increase ovulation. A doctor needs to perform a complete evaluation of the patient that includes a physical exam, blood work, and complete medical history. The HCG is administered by the patient by subcutaneous injection (using a small insulin type syringe in the belly. If you Google HCG, you seen plenty of sites linking you HCG oral drops. These are NOT pharmaceutical grade HCG. As a matter of fact, all of them are homeopathic forms of HCG and not the real hormone. The same goes with sites offering growth hormone. Those usually are offering procurers of growth hormone and NOT the real thing. The patients who wish not to inject themselves daily; a compound pharmacy can formulate the “REAL” active pharmaceutical form of HCG into an oral drop form.

Many critics of this diet claim that it’s a quick fix and doesn’t encourage long term healthy behavior. I believe to the contrary. Eating healthier, smaller portions an important goal to the program. Learning about caloric content of foods, selecting a whole food diet, portion control and exercising are all keys to making fundamental changes in weight control. The diet must be administered by a doctor trained with the HCG protocols.

By Anthony Ortiz, RPH CCN

Anthony is the owner/pharmacist and clinical nutritionist of Atlas Drug and Nutrition. Located in North Bergen, NJ, Atlas Drug specializes in womens health related issues.

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