What Can Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) Do for Me?


Any woman who is having hormone-related symptoms severe enough to affect the quality of her life. Symptoms can include, but are not limited to: vaginal dryness, decreased libido, fatigue, decreased concentration and memory, irregular or heavy menstrual cycles, insomnia, irritability, depression or persistent sadness, palpitations or hot flashes.

Any woman who has had a hysterectomy should consider BHRT. This is particularly important for women who have had their ovaries removed. Women who have had hysterectomies but still have their ovaries should be monitored for evidence of early menopause. Hormone levels should be monitored and treatment initiated with estradiol levels fall below 50pg/ml and FSH levels are greater than 50mlU.

Wondering what BHRT can do for you?

Women who have strong family histories of heart disease, osteoporosis or Alzheimer’s disease are also good candidates for BHRT.  Breast and endometrial cancer are not definitive contraindications to hormone replacement therapy.

What can BHRT do for me?

  • Alleviate symptoms caused by the natural decrease in hormone production in the body
  • Reestablish the individual’s hormonal balance
  • Provide protective benefits that were originally provided by the body’s naturally occurring hormones

Understanding the hormones behind the symptoms (and the relief of such)  can help you see whether BHRT might be right for you.

Estrogens (Estrone, Estradiol, Estriol):

  • Relieve symptoms associated with menopause, including: hot flushes, vaginal thinning and dryness
  • Reduce bone loss
  • May increase HDL (good cholesterol) and decrease LDL (bad cholesterol): protect against heart disease and arteriosclerosis
  • Decrease risks of colon and colorectal cancers
  • May improve memory, concentration, mood, energy levels and sleep patterns


  • Stimulates osteoblasts to build new bones
  • Natural diuretic and antidepressant
  • Helps burn fat for energy
  • Protects against fibrocystic breasts
  • Helps protect against endometrial and breast cancer
  • Balancing/mitigating effect on Estrogen dominance (important in increasing fertility rate)
  • Effective in controlling breakthrough bleeding
  • Prevents postpartum depression

Androgen (Testosterone):

  • Enhances libido
  • Improves mental alertness
  • Enhances bone building (by increasing calcium retention)
  • Provides cardiovascular protection (by lowering cholesterol)

Androgen (DHEA):

  • Improves memory
  • Enhances the immune system
  • Protects against bone loss
  • Provides cardiovascular protection (by lowering cholesterol/preventing blood clot)


The use of certain anti-aging nutrients, herbs and compounds helps to prevent oxygenation and the formation of free-radicals. They may also help:

  • Improve Memory,
  • Improve Skin Elasticity,
  • Lower  Blood Pressure,
  • Inhibit Periodontal Disease,
  • Increase Bone & Muscle Mass,
  • Inhibit Prostrate enlargement,
  • Increase Endurance,
  • Decrease Body Fat,
  • Enhance Libido and Aids Insomnia.

Some of the anti-aging ingredients your doctor may prescribe:

• Piracetam
• Vinpocitine
• Argenine/Ornithine/Lysine
• Pregnenelone
• Phosphatidylserine
• Saw Palmetto/Pygeum Complex
• CoQ10