How to Use Restiva Skincare Products

How to use Restiva Treatments


  1. You’ll need to pick a cleanser that’s best for your skin type. Many of you already have your favorite cleaning product but for those of you with dry to normal skin, use a cream based cleanser. One I like using is Sophyto Pro Natural and Non-Toxic Cleanser which contains 93% organic ingredients (no Parabens/No Petrochemicals. Another one is Burt’s Bee’s Facial cleanser. It moisturizes without causing irritation and is soap and fragrance free.  Those of you with oily or combination skin may prefer a gel base cleanser use Burt Bee’s Anti-Blemish Purifying Gel Cleanser or Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Acne Wash. Get your face wet and rub cleanser on in a circular motion paying particular attention around your nose and around the hair line. The nose is a target for extra oil, and many people forget to extend their cleanser up to the hairline to remove makeup and dirt. Rinse your face with cool water to remove cleanser.Restiva Anti-Aging Skin Care System
  2. Next, use the Restiva Toner. It will get rid of any traces of cleanser remaining on your skin, temporarily shrink pores, and may even give a moisturizing effect.  Additionally, Restiva refining toner has been carefully balanced with natural extracts and humectants to prevent over-drying, leaving the skin looking soft and supple. Apply your toner on a cotton pad or ball and just swipe all over your skin again paying special attention to oily areas such as the sides of your nose.
  3. For Day Treatment, we would suggest using a thin amount of Restiva Face Cream.  It contains a natural sunscreen called titanium dioxide which will help protect you from the damaging effects of sunlight on your face.  Then apply a pea size amount of the Restiva Neck Decollete all over your face and neck. Your neck will show your age more quickly if you do not protect and nourish it like you do your face.  You may choose to apply the Restiva Eye Cream under your eye makeup or just use it once a day before bedtime.


If your use to use a night cream, you can repeat steps 1 and 2 and then use Restiva Eye cream before bedtime. But in my opinion, nighttime is your skin’s opportunity to regenerate itself – expelling impurities and balancing oil production. When you apply moisturizers in the evening, it inhibits your skin from doing its work, and over time your skin becomes dependent. Your glands will decrease their moisture production, and your skin will appear more and more dry – forcing you to use more and more moisturizers.

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