How Healthy Is That Smoothie?

Smoothie lovers are rejoicing everywhere! Spring has finally decided to grace us with her presence. The growing season has started and fresh fruits and vegetables will be found in your local farmer’s market, roadside stand, and co-op. These wonderful treats will be turned into the basis of many a breakfast smoothie, snack smoothie, and cleansing smoothie.Looking for a replacement for your sugary smoothie? Look no further! We've got 30 healthy smoothie recipes that include proteins, healthy fats, and fiber.

There’s No Wrong Way to Eat a Smoothie… Or is There?

While smoothies can be delicious and packed with nutrients, they can also be laden with sugar if not made properly.  It might be tempting to grab a pre-made smoothie from the coffee shop or grocery store. Maybe you’re running late, you didn’t get breakfast, and you’re thinking of what to get that’s quick and healthy. Well, kudos to you! You’re on the right track.

However, have you stopped to examine the contents of your purchased smoothie? You may notice that even if it is labeled as containing wheatgrass, spirulina, or vegetables, the majority of the content is loads of sugar from fruit juices. Sure, your motives are good, but pumping your body with a smoothie that contains as much sugar as a soda is not the best plan for you. You will likely not feel full very long, and you may experience ill effects from spiked blood sugar.

So, what’s a smoothie lover to do? Kick the habit altogether? Never! There are a few secrets that will help your smoothie relationship move from a sugary seasonal fling into a healthy long-term partnership.

A Smoothie Just for You!

If you’re starting to think twice about what’s in your favorite smoothie, your heart might be sinking. “My smoothies are loaded with sugar. Now what I am supposed to do?” No need to panic!

We’ve compiled a free smoothie recipe book just for you. The variety in these recipes goes way beyond strawberry-banana.  How do you feel about pumpkin? Or maybe coconut is more to your taste. We have recipes for almost any appetite. We’ve also got treat recipes (how do you feel about chocolate?) and recipes to help you cleanse.

What’s even better, these recommended smoothies include fiber, healthy fats, and protein – something many smoothie recipes leave out.

We don’t want to give away all the secrets here. Download our free smoothie recipe book now, and see for yourself all the delicious, healthy smoothies you can make this week.

Bon appetit!

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