9 Rules for Going on a Cleanse

So, you’ve decided it’s time for a cleanse. Have you ever done one before? If yes, you may have an idea of what to expect. Perhaps though, your last cleanse didn’t go as well as you had planned.Ready to try a cleanse? Good for you! Use these nine rules for cleansing success!

Whatever the case, we’re going to share with you a few pointers on making your cleanse successful. After all, we want you to feel the best you can; and we know how amazing you can feel after a great cleanse!

1. Get your mind in gear.

A successful cleanse really starts with your mindset. If you can psych yourself up for it, you will find your determination growing. You’ll then be more likely to stick with your cleanse. So, start with cleansing the mind – throw out thoughts of junk food, and replace them with thoughts of having high energy and a clear focus.

2. Plan the right day to start.

While the after-effects of cleansing are amazing, the first couple of days may require adjustment. Don’t start your cleanse on a day where you’re working hard, or running around doing errands all day. Many people find that starting their cleanse on a weekend works well for them. Plan on giving yourself enough time not only to adjust to the way the cleanse makes you feel, but also to get used to the program.

3. Become best friends with your water bottle.

Hopefully you are already drinking plenty of water during the day. However, you’ll want to step it up during your cleanse. Try to drink around two liters of water each day of your cleanse. This will help your body to move the toxins out quickly instead of storing them, which creates many side effects.

4. Give caffeine some time off… at least for now.

Eliminating coffee during your cleanse will allow your body to realize its real energy level. You may feel quite tired, or even have headaches at first. However, this reaction is usually short lived. Try substituting with green tea, preferably decaf. Green tea has great cleansing properties.

5. Rest, but not too much.

You want to give your body plenty of rest while you’re cleansing. Sleep is a silent healer, so the more sleep you can get the better your body will eliminate toxins and heal from the damage they’ve caused.

However, you don’t want to just lay around during your entire cleanse. Try to get up and do some gentle exercise, such as walking or pilates. Getting your blood moving will help to move toxins out of your system.

6. Eat!

Many people mistakenly think that cleansing equals fasting. This is simply not true. Cleansing involves eliminating unhealthy food from your diet. Get plenty of food in the form of fruits and vegetables. If you’re hungry, then eat!

7. Get rid of temptation.

During your cleanse, your body will likely be shouting for junk food.  It may wonder why you are depriving it of the sugar and fat you’ve been feeding it up until now. Don’t give in! Before you even start your cleanse, get rid of all tempting junk food. Throw it away, give it away –  just get rid of it!

8. Stay busy.

We often eat food that comforts us as an emotional response. Whether we feel bored, tired, upset, happy, or sad – our reaction is to eat.  Usually we end up choosing junk food.

Don’t give yourself the chance to fill those emotional needs with junk food. Plan a relaxing day, but with activities to keep your mind occupied so it won’t drift over to the dark side.

9. Don’t boomerang.

It may be tempting to order a large pizza and pig out on ice cream as soon as your cleanse is over. However, the effects of a good cleanse will only become fully apparent days and weeks after your cleanse is finished. If you can use the cleanse as a springboard to better eating, you will really notice the full range of  the benefits of cleansing.

Summer is just around the corner! Wouldn’t you love to have the energy to enjoy it to the full? We’d like to help! During your free consultation we will discuss your health goals together and put together the right cleanse for you. Best of health to you!

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