Lose Weight. Gain Energy. A 30-Day Plan.

Losing weight is something that you think about year round. In January, you swear you’re going to get in shape this year. However, by February, cabin fever sets in, and the only kind of marathon you want to participate in is on Netflix and is accompanied by a large bowl of chips.

Exhausted? Need to lose a few pounds? We get it. This free 30-day certified nutritionist's plan gets results. Then comes spring. You start thinking about how swimsuit season is right around the corner. Time to get in shape! This motivates you for a couple of weeks, but then the summer gets into full swing, and who has time to plan out a weight loss strategy? Next fall hits, and you’re in baking mode — pies, cookies, and then, of course, all the holiday meals. The next thing you know, January is right around the corner again.

If this cycle seems familiar to you, take heart. You are by no means alone. We all struggle to maintain a healthy diet. We give you props for trying. In a world where sugary coffee drinks come in sizes bigger than your head, and even a simple sandwich contains loads of sugar, it’s not easy to stay in shape and eat healthy.

In fact, the average American packs away 22 teaspoons of sugar each day! That’s more than 350 calories of sugar consumed every day, translating to about one pound of weight gain every 10 days! Can you imagine how amazing it would feel to lose one pound every 10 days? Think of the reading on your scale at the end of the year!

The truth is, though, that even when you know how to lose weight and eat healthy, it’s hard to put the principles into practice on an everyday basis. You get busy, you get cravings, you get pressure from friends and family to cheat “just this once.”

What if you had a free support system? Would that make things easier? Of course it would!

That’s why I’ve created a 30-day plan to help you lose weight and gain energy. All you have to do is put some basic ideas into practice. The simple daily goals are so easy, you’ll wonder if it can really work. Believe me – it can!

What’s Involved

Each day I’ll deliver a motivating email directly to your inbox. You’ll have daily and weekly goals along with the resources and educational tools to help you to achieve those goals. It’s like having a buddy cheering you on the whole way.

If you are ready to lose weight, gain energy, and get healthy, sign up for your 30-day plan now. By this time next month you’ll be well on your way to being a healthier, trimmer, and more energetic version of your current self. I know you can do it and I’m excited for you to get started!

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