5 Myths About Cleansing

When it comes to cleaning our houses, cars, garages, and work spaces let’s face it: not many of us look forward to it. Yes, we know there are some of you who get excited when you think about disinfecting your light switches. However, even if you are a self-proclaimed neat freak, how excited do you get about cleansing your body?Do you wonder if you should try a cleanse, but have some hesitations? We'll de-bunk five myths about cleansing and show you how important it can be to your overall health.

You may have heard about various forms of detoxes, or cleanses, and thought “I don’t need a cleanse. I eat a healthy diet.” Or, you may have heard that there are various side effects to cleansing. Whatever the case may be, negative ideas regarding cleanses may be preventing you from reaping their wonderful rewards.

5 Myths about Cleansing

We’re going to address five common myths about cleansing. We’ll also endeavor to share with you why we think cleansing is so important to your lasting health.

Myth #1: Cleansing means you have to starve yourself.

You should not feel hungry on a cleanse. Cleansing does not mean fasting. You might feel hungry as you adjust to eating more fruits and vegetables and not indulging in high-calorie junk food. However, it often just takes a little time to fine-tune the amount of food you’re consuming. You may need to just eat more!

Myth #2: Colonics keep me cleansed.

Enemas and colonics have their place in the health routine of some. However, thinking that they will keep you cleansed is a mistake that you don’t want to make. Your body consists of much more than your colon. Toxins accumulate in many areas of the body, including the brain,liver,fat, and the skin. A cleanse will enable you to eliminate toxins where they are deeply hidden.

Myth #3: Cleansing makes you run to the bathroom all the time.

Most of us don’t drink enough water. When you undertake a proper cleanse, you will be encouraged to drink more water. Thus, you can expect increased urination until your body adjusts. However, there is no reason to expect you’ll be dashing to the bathroom every few minutes, or that you need to stay close to your home bathroom.

Myth #4: Cleanses are expensive.

You may have heard of people forking over thousands of dollars for supervised cleanses, and thought about how ridiculous that is (and rightly so). Most of us would love to have celebrity treatment when it comes to our diet and health. However, the reality is that most of us just can’t afford it. The good news is that you don’t have to pay a fortune to cleanse. A good cleanse is quite simple and only needs to involve few ingredients for success. Here’s one we recommend.

Myth #5: Eating a healthy diet means you don’t have to cleanse.

If you’re already eating a healthy diet, kudos to you! However, cleansing is still an important part of our overall health. Environmental toxins accumulate in the body, as well as medications and other irritants. Cleansing can give you that extra energy your body needs to give those toxins the boot!

Cleansing can have many benefits including:

  • clearing up brain fog
  • boosting the immune system
  • improving digestion
  • improving skin issues such as eczema

Would you like to learn more about the wonderful benefits of cleansing? Contact us today for your free consultation. We’ll discuss your health issues and your goals together, and see how we can help. To your health!

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